GOP Voters Struggling to Care About Crappy Senate Field

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The GOP may be in serious trouble when it comes to Sen. Bob Casey’s seat.  Last Friday, the Pittsburgh Tribune Reviewreleased a poll in which 72% of GOP voters stated they are unsure which of the six candidates they will support in the race.

Of decided voters, the Tribune Review reported that “Former state Rep. Sam Rohrer of Berks County led the pack, with 10 percent of respondents saying they would vote for him. Trailing were Armstrong County businessman Tom Smith (8 percent), Philadelphia pharmacist John Kensinger (3 percent), Chester County businessman Steve Welch (2 percent), Camp Hill attorney Marc Scaringi (1 percent) and David Christian of Bucks County (1 percent).”

Whole lotta good that state party endorsement did Steve Welch. Despite all the media attention, dude is still down in the basement with no-namers like Scaringi and Christian.

(h/t Elena Alessi)

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