Is Governor Norquist About to Veto GOP Impact Fee?

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“In short and as with previous iterations [of shale fee and tax proposals], ATR opposes this unnecessary tax increase and, on behalf of our members in the commonwealth, urges legislators to vote no should it come up for a vote this evening,” Patrick Gleason, head of ATR’s Pennsylvania operation, wrote in an email.

Corbett and nearly three-dozen state lawmakers signed the pledge that they would not raise net taxes in the state.

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One Response to Is Governor Norquist About to Veto GOP Impact Fee?

  1. Is this loon even relevant any more? I'm personally opposed to the part of the bill that allows drilling in residential areas, which is betrayal of Pennsylvanians already shafted by the coal industry's Act 54. However, its probably the best deal we can get until the GOP grip on one-party rule is voted out in november.