Judge Kelly Ballentine Dismissed Her Own Parking Tickets

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So busted!

Magisterial District Judge Kelly Ballentine, 43, of Lancaster, faces conflict of interest, tampering with public records and obstruction charges in the case, Attorney General Linda Kelly said in a statement.

Lancaster police issued two tickets to Ballentine in November 2010 for parking violations in front of her home. She got a third ticket for out-of-date registration on her BMW sedan, the statement said.

Ballentine failed to pay the tickets on time and summonses were mailed to her. The judge then accessed the online court system records and dismissed the summonses, which had been issued in her name, it said.

No real policy point to make about this, but the cartoonish “above the law” attitude on display here is pretty shocking to see in a Judge. Such a petty thing to do. Just don’t be such a flake with your parking tickets and the late payment fees won’t get out of control.

(Source: Reuters)

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2 Responses to Judge Kelly Ballentine Dismissed Her Own Parking Tickets

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  2. xmatman says:

    Definintely should have recused herself from this one!