PA Democrats’ Recruitment Failure

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John Micek says the PA Democrats have failed to recruit general election candidates to run against 44 House Republicans, and 3 Senate Republicans.

Republicans failed to recruit general election candidates to run against 28 House Democrats, and 5 Senate Democrats.

Still pretty bad, but 44 Republican House seats are going unopposed?? Crikey.

Some of these are truly low-quality politicians who could be picked off relatively easily with even a medium-quality candidate.

Bill White is appropriately shrill. Indeed, the thought of a human wetnap like Julie Harhart running unopposed in a general election is enough to make a person lose his mind:

But JULIE HARHART? She is the ultimate seatwarmer, a Republican representative who has no influence, no ideas and who has demonstrated herself to be compliant whenever her party bosses come calling with a bad idea they want her to support, most recently the preposterous gerrymandering of our congressional districts.

If we can’t even mount opposition to the JULIE HARHARTS of the world, what hope is there to transform Harrisburg? This is why I’m a big believer in term limits. Between gerrymandering and apathy, it’s too hard to throw the bums out. Heck, Democrat William DeWeese, just convicted of theft and criminal conspiracy, doesn’t even have primary election opposition. How embarrassing is that?

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2 Responses to PA Democrats’ Recruitment Failure

  1. Ed H. says:

    I'll just say it: term limits are stupid and the lazy way to avoid effective politics that brings the change we need. It's a cop out and avoids the fact that it's a way to keep people from being able to choose their representation in government.

    • jongeeting says:

      Completely agree. Nobody has shown that elections aren't capable of getting rid of unpopular reps. Didn't mean this as an endorsement of Bill White's term limits argument.