PA Medical Society Opposes Trans-Vaginal Ultrasound Bill

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Not that Harrisburg Republicans are going to let some pesky doctors talk them down from planting a flag in heathen uteruses everywhere, but it’s very good to see that the PA Medical Society has issued a sternly-worded letter opposing the trans-vaginal ultrasound bill now winding its way through committee.

Maybe the Democrats should propose an amendment requiring a Republican lawmaker to be on hand to administer these forced ultrasounds.

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2 Responses to PA Medical Society Opposes Trans-Vaginal Ultrasound Bill

  1. Joseph says:

    Perhaps some Democrat should propose that a Republicon lawmaker's wife or daughter be the first to be subjected to a TVU whether she's pregnant or not. Even better, have EVERY male lawmaker who votes for this idiocy (regardless of party affiliation) be forced to take his wife/daughter/female dependent of potential child-bearing age (say ages 12-45) for one of these procedures before the law becomes effective on the public. Now, the daughters (especially under 18) would probably have no way of refusing (although "Janie's Got a Gun" comes to mind as one way of refusing), but I can't imagine many of the 18+ women just accepting this dictate.

  2. What's next? Forcing all Pennsylvania women to wear burkas? Given that many of the states surrounded Pennsylvania are run by pollies who still believe in democracy, we women need to set up a volunteer network to transport women of childbearing age there. I'm sure the PSP has better things to do than enforce state-sponsored rape.