Should PA Have Two Primaries This Year?

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John Morgan says:

Republicans in Harrisburg are discussing having two primaries this year, one in April for federal races and another in July or August for state House and Senate seats.  The Supreme Court decision overturning reapportionment has thrown a huge monkey wrench into the election season.  I know one guy whose thirty minute campaign may be the shortest on record.  Half an hour after he started his campaign the decision came down and he found he was no longer in the district.  Moving a primary to the summer would screw all the candidates out working now getting on the ballot.

Real talk: Republicans want to move the primary because they think they can’t get a Republican-friendly map approved before April. Democrats don’t want to move the primary, because using the 2001 map will elect more Democrats.

Two point about this. One is that Latinos would be badly underrepresented if the 2001 lines were used. That’s a big problem, and those of us who take equality seriously need to factor that into our partisan calculus. Personally, I think a map that elects more Democrats will lead to more Latino-friendly policy outcomes, but I also respect the view that electing more Latino representatives is just as important, or more important, than what happens on the policy side.

The second is that I really hate the idea of having the federal and state primaries at different times. Obviously the biggest reason Republicans would want to do this is to protect PA’s role in the Presidential primaries. Understandable. But another “virtue” of doing it this way is to protect incumbent Republican Congressmen from Tea Party primary challenges, since tea people would have more time to organize if the contest got pushed back.

I think that’s lame because I want to see moderate Southeastern GOPers replaced by tricorne hat-wearing lunatics, and I also want to see more progressive Democrats beat incumbent House members.

Whatever happens, the two primaries should be on the same day.

What do you guys think? Do you want to see the primaries get pushed back, or do you want an April primary with the 2001 map?

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3 Responses to Should PA Have Two Primaries This Year?

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  2. danny says:

    so once again the taxpayers will have to foot the bill for something the legislature screwed up. i say make the political parties pay for their closed primary system. as an independent i'm sick of having to fund a private party affair!