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Is Altmire’s Dishonest Ad Going to Help Him Win the Primary?

I usually agree with Keegan Gibson’s analysis but this seems wrong to me: Jason Altmire. The Congressman is in the catbird seat. He can spend more of his cash defining Mark Critz than vice versa, since much of the new … More after the jump

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PA-17: Holden Ducking Debates

John Morgan: For the second consecutive election campaign Tim Holden has a challenge from his left and, for the second consecutive time, he’s ducking debates. In 2010 Sheila Dow Ford was forced to debate an empty chair

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Should Politicians Have to Resign to Run for a Different Office?

That’s what Philly Councilman Jim Kenney thinks. I dunno. On the one hand he’s right that sitting elected officials have some real advantages over non-elected challengers.

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VIDEO: Santorum Says Candidate Obama Was “the anti-war government nigg—the uh—…”

Uh oh! Sounds like somebody’s used to saying a certain word in private company that wanted to sneak out of his mouth in public…

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John Boehner’s About to Screw States With a Transportation Shutdown

Worst Speaker ever! Just pass the damn Senate bill already. What, 22 Republican Senators crossing over to vote for the Senate bill isn’t enough cover for the nutters in the House GOP? The doomsday clock is ticking down on a … More after the jump

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PA GOP Wants to Put a Natural Gas Company Between You and Your Doctor

Randy LoBasso says the Republicans’ fracking bill tries to gag doctors from telling you whether you’re being poisoned by fracking chemicals: A new report on Act 13, the Pennsylvania Impact Fee, says that a little known provision would allow doctors … More after the jump

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Welcoming Jan Jarrett to the Blogosphere

Jan Jarrett, formerly of PennFuture, has a blog that you should add to your RSS feed. Welcome to the blogosphere Jan!

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Fracking vs. Carbon Capture

Fascinating post from Brad Plumer on how the new EPA regulations for emissions from new power plants will pit coal and natural gas against each other in a more fundamental way: Here’s the problem: One day, utilities might figure out a cost-effective way … More after the jump

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Why Shouldn’t You Be Allowed to Order Overseas Wine?

Larry Farnese’s direct shipment of wines bill is a great idea. The Internet has a much greater selection of wine than the liquor store does, because the Internet doesn’t have to worry about storing all the inventory in a single … More after the jump

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The PA Chamber’s Incoherent Defense of Tax Loopholes

PBPC and Better Choices for PA had a cool idea for some earned media: With a pie in one hand and a list of tax loopholes in the other, Pennsylvania citizens delivered a message to state lawmakers today — we … More after the jump

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