Corbett to Students: I Don’t Have the Money.”

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Gov. Tom Corbett entered hostile territory this morning at Pitt to defend his proposed 30 percent funding cut to the university and engaged in a civil and controlled talk with some 300 students […]

Mr. Corbett spoke for an hour before an assembly, repeatedly saying he values higher education but was forced into the cuts by the state’s dire fiscal situation. Even with the cuts — which follow another 20 percent funding drop last year — the state still spends more on public and higher education than any other budget category, barely edging out welfare spending.

“Do I want this? No. I don’t have the money,” he said.

I guess this makes sense in a hyper-literal way. It’s true the state does not right now, in the Treasury, possess the cash money that would be necessary to avoid cutting higher ed. The revenue is literally not in the coffers.

But that’s not the issue at all. The question isn’t whether Corbett has the money, it’s whether people with weaker claims on state spending than students have the money.

And the answer to that question is YES, DAMMIT, YES.

Other people with much weaker claims on the budget than students are right now receiving $4.8 billion in state government spending.

Without raising tax rates, Corbett could easily stop spending so much money on these weaker claims, and redirect it to higher ed and other more useful programs.

The state’s not broke, it’s just utterly failing to prioritize its spending.

(h/t Tim McNulty)

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2 Responses to Corbett to Students: I Don’t Have the Money.”

  1. Julieann Wozniak says:

    Of course he has no money. He’s using all our tax dollars to fund corporate welfare. And I bet none of those guys are forced to submit to means and drug testing!