Democratic Candidate Stole $50k from Taxpayers

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It’s not often we reference, or quote from, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, but this one is a whopper and comes to us from the Pennsylvania Progressive.

Marty Schmotzer, a Democratic candidate for the special election in the 22nd state house district, has a bit of a checkered past.

Twelve years ago, Schmotzer was charged with stealing $50,000 from county taxpayers while working as a deputy clerk of courts in the 1990s.

After receiving a loan from his brother about six months after pilfering the public money, Schmotzer repaid it. He even threw in an extra $925 in interest, as if he had borrowed the money from a bank instead of the clerk of court coffers.

According to the arrest affidavit, when confronted by investigators, Schmotzer provided a compelling reason for taking the cash. He needed $15,000 to pay off his bookie and buy lottery tickets.

It means he’ll fit in perfectly in Harrisburg, but he’s probably not the type of guy we actually want there.

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2 Responses to Democratic Candidate Stole $50k from Taxpayers

  1. Yeah, so? Bill DeWeese has been my state rep since I started voting. No level of corruption in PA surprises me any more.

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