House Republicans Mobilize to Save $260 Million Horse Race Development Fund

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I am sad to report that the following paragraphs come from a real life article from Mary Wilson, and not from The Onion:

Republican Rep. Chris Ross, of Chester County, said letting this year’s nearly $230 million horse racing fund drop to about $160 million next year will make horsemen second-guess the state’s commitment to their industry.

“I strongly urge my colleagues and the governor to rethink this position and make this fund whole and to take the uncertainty out of this business,” said Ross. “There’s plenty of uncertainty in horseracing as it is anyway. We don’t need to introduce more.” […]

Ross and Saylor were joined by a bipartisan group of House and Senate lawmakers raising concerns about the $72 million funding shift, which comes on top of a nearly $50 million siphon of the Horse Race Development Fund (the money would be put in the state’s main budget, the General Fund). Horsemen say this is the fourth consecutive year that transfer has happened.

So I have a few questions:

1) Why the fuck does the state have a Horse Race Development Fund at all?

2) Why are we spending $260 million on this?

3) Why did this Fund not get zeroed out before anyone even thought about touching core public services like education, public welfare, HEMAP, adultBasic or any of the other programs that got slashed last year?

This is insane. If people want to spend their own money enjoying horse racing, good for them, but this is not something state government should be wasting a single dollar on. It is not a public good by any stretch of the imagination. All core public services should be flush with cash before anybody even considers subsidizing a damn horse race.

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2 Responses to House Republicans Mobilize to Save $260 Million Horse Race Development Fund

  1. Julieann Wozniak says:

    And at the exact same time, there’s no money available to adequately fund public education, which the TPers despise, or provide health insurance for the working poor. Voter ID does nothing to address the real corruption in the Commonwealth’s politics.

  2. Lindsey says:

    How about it gets slashed to ZERO? What the hell is wrong with my state? Jumping in on the War on Women, declaring the “Year of the Bible,” and ignoring issues that actually affect the citizens?

    Please join me in voting these morons out of office.