Lesbian Couple Denied Family Discount at Sports Club

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PA LGBT RightsI’m always outraged at this sort of thing:

When Michelle Gladfelter of Manchester Township applied for membership at a local sports club, she envisioned her family splashing around one of the three pools or sunning themselves on the 15 tree-lined acres.

And she hoped to get a break on the membership fees. Green Valley Swimming Pool & Sports Club in West Manchester Township offers a discount to families.

But, Gladfelter learned, not her family.

Michelle and her partner, Sandy Gladfelter, are a same-sex couple. They are parents to a 5-year-old daughter.

Michelle applied for membership at the pool and later received a call from owner Russ Jacobs. Jacobs told her she and her family would be welcome to join, but the discount does not apply to them.

“We don’t recognize same-sex marriages,” Jacobs said in an interview.

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