PA-17: Blue America PAC Targeting Tim Holden

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DownWithTyranny says the popular Blue America PAC is targeting Blue Dog Tim Holden for being on the wrong side of fracking and telecom issues. Here is the Facebook page:

Wednesday we looked at the beginning of a campaign the Blue America PAC is putting together to help residents of PA-17, where I used to live, understand Rep. Tim Holden’s role in the fracking crisis. Holden, a shady Blue Dog and a corporate reactionary, has taken $688,999 from the finance industry and $414,997 from Big Oil and Gas. Holden has taken even more money from AgriBusiness and he’s scooping up checks like mad this year to fight off his first serious electoral challenge ever. [One of the company’s eager to keep Holden in Congress is AT&T, which has given House Republicans $896,121 this year and House Democrats $443,750. $5,000 of that went to Holden.] And today Mark Schwayder, an exceptionally notorious and sleazy AT&T lobbyist, is helping Steny Hoyer– who AT&T finances lavishly– put on two events in Pennsylvania for Holden, one in Nazareth and one in Easton, cities where they don’t know Holden from a hole in the wall.

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