PA-17: DC Dems Circling the Wagons Around Blue Dog Tim Holden

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With Matt Cartwright’s primary challenge against Blue Dog Tim Holden in the 17th District looking increasingly viable, DC Democrats are starting to circle the wagons around the incumbent.

I’m not particularly worried about the awesome political abilities of Steny Hoyer, who is currently trying to step all over the Democrats’ recent advantages by turning the conversation back to the damn deficit (!!), but it’s a reminder that this is going to be an uphill fight.

So with that, let’s send you over to John Morgan, who’s got a solid post on this, an interview with Matt Cartwright, and a laundry list of bad votes Holden should have to answer for in this primary:

The fact his voting record is so bad I understand why many traditional Democratic organizations shy away from supporting him. The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO said they’d never endorse him again after he voted against the Affordable care Act.

He has also voted anti-choice by supporting bans on abortions, family planning, gay adoption and for constitutional amendments against marriage equality. He voted for the AUMF and funding for the wars while also voting for the USA PATRIOT Act, FISA surveillance, immunity for telecoms conducting warrantless wiretaps,and intelligence gathering without civil oversight. A few more of his horrendous votes:

Bush/Cheney Energy Task Force
Star Wars
School prayer
Against funding for embryonic stem cell research
Against modifying bankruptcy laws protecting homeowners from mortgage foreclosures

For drilling on the continental shelf
Against regulating greenhouse gases
Against increased CAFE standards for vehicles (fuel economy)

Against endangered species
Against third world debt reduction
Supports the WTO
Against representation for DC
For tort reform
Supports restrictions on class action lawsuits
Supports limiting lawsuits against health plans and insurers

Against Medicare Part D (prescription plan)
Against section 8 housing
Supports the border fence
Against withdrawal from both Iraq and Afghanistan

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2 Responses to PA-17: DC Dems Circling the Wagons Around Blue Dog Tim Holden

  1. John Pickering says:

    When the AFL-CIO endorce Holden this week we’ll see how worthless these opinions are.

    • Jon says:

      I don’t know why unions would be interested in supporting some crappy deficit hawk who thinks full employment should take a back seat to looking tuff on the deficit.