PA-Sen: Sam Rohrer Comes Out for Social Security Privatization

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Travis Waldron at ThinkProgress has the money quote:

Rohrer also thinks the government should no longer provide federal services to the American people, a position he took a step farther Saturday at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference. During a debate featuring the state’s Republican Senate candidates, Rohrer, the party’s front-runner, outlined a proposal to privatize Social Security and end the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program, which provides aid to disabled Americans:

ROHRER: The structural aspect of the program that is in place, financially, if we don’t make changes, it will not be there for those who are coming up. So we’ve got to stop the cost increase, meaning we do it this way. We’ve got to take out the younger workers, maybe it’s an age of 50, maybe it’s as you say, 45, determine that age where those up to that point are not compelled to join Social Security. They’re allowed to go into a program like 401(k), have their own plan, and you obviously cut the cost on the outside.

But secondarily, we have to reduce the cost of Social Security now, otherwise we will not find us able to make payouts either. And that, I recommend, we do by bringing it back into line with what Social Security was acceptably set into place to be originally, and that’s as a retirement assistance program. Meaning we have to back off such things as disability — SSI payments — where we have many new people brought into the program. Many illegal aliens are receiving SSI payments. That is a part of the program that Social Security was never intended to fund, and that’s a part that we can logically back off, bring it back to its major core. I think we can preserve and extend the life of Social Security.

The way Social Security works, younger workers pay for benefits for current retirees. If you take young people out of the system, there’s less money available to pay benefits to current retirees. Rohrer has no plan to replace that money. I hope reporters press him hard on how he wants to fill that gap when young workers stop paying in.

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3 Responses to PA-Sen: Sam Rohrer Comes Out for Social Security Privatization

  1. Larry Poller says:

    Of course the Congressman is okay with reducing benefits for the current social security recipients. He’s got gold plated retirement and health care. Don’t the privileged always take care of themselves. And wouldn’t it be nice he sacrificed some of his own government retirement like he’s so willing to sacrifice ours? Of course, he never will! They never do.

  2. Ugh says:

    Larry – He isn’t a congressman. He never got that far. He WAS a state representative. Rohrer voted for his pay raise “the midnight vote” if anyone still remembers. Oh, and he also voted to increase his pension! I have had enough with many of these career politicians. We need some fresh blood, someone with principles, someone who has actually held a real job, someone who wont be bought by special interests. I’ll stop my rant now.

    • Jon says:

      I don’t think any of those things matter. What matters is that he has dumb conservative positions on the issues.