Residency Requirement for Petition Circulators Scotched by PA Supremes

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Keegan Gibson has the good news:

Petition circulators do not need to live in the district where they are circulating, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled today, so long as they are Pa. residents. The Court’s decision was unanimous.

“The district residency requirement discerned in Section 2911(d) is unenforceable by the Secretary and the courts of this Commonwealth,” wrote Chief Justice Ron Castille in the majority opinion (PDF).

Castile explained that it was necessary to rule because an earlier Commonwealth Court ruling and a federal ruling on the matter were contradictory, and could interfere with a future election.

I’m not in love with the *state* residency requirement, but getting rid of the district residency requirement will make for more competitive politics which is undoubtedly a good thing. This will make it a little harder to kick upstart primary challengers off the ballot for dumb procedural reasons.

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