Shame on Bob Casey

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If we’re going to dump on Charlie Dent for supporting the Blunt amendment – which would empower the boss of your job to also be the boss of your sex life – we’ve got to hit Bob Casey too so we’re not lame hacks.

Here’s Sahil Kapur:

The only Republican who crossed over to help kill the measure, which was aimed at repealing the Obama administration’s birth control mandate, was retiring Sen. Olympia Snowe (ME). Dems are defending 23 Senate seats in the November elections, and running against a GOP they can portray as anti-birth control could help them in some tough races. Democrats are salivating at the prospect of using the votes of vulnerable members, including GOP Sens. Scott Brown (MA) and Dean Heller (NV), against them this year.

Democratic Sens. Ben Nelson (NE), Joe Manchin (WV) and Bob Casey (PA) voted with Republicans for the Blunt measure, which the GOP sought to attach to the otherwise bipartisan highway bill. Casey is facing a tough reelection battle this fall.

But Bob Casey is…not facing a tough reelection battle this fall. He is facing a very easy reelection battle this fall.

The more straightforward interpretation is that Bob Casey has right wing views on reproductive freedom, and genuinely agrees with the Republicans on this. He’s wrong about this, for the same reason the Republicans are wrong. There is no religious freedom issue at stake, unless you believe in letting any group with a conscience objection opt out of generally applicable laws.

In fairness to Casey, the vote was on a motion to table, not a vote on the actual bill. Casey voted against tabling it, which is not the same thing as casting a positive vote for the amendment. Still, he should have voted with the Democrats, and cannot plausibly chalk the vote up to reelection pressures.

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10 Responses to Shame on Bob Casey

  1. Laurie Mann says:

    I held my nose and voted for Casey in 2006 because he wasn't Santorum. However, I want a progressive option this year, and it looks like we Pennsylvania voters won't get it. Why would the Republicans bother to put up a candidate against Casey since he votes with the Republicans most of the time.

    • jongeeting says:

      I'm pissed too, but we need to keep it in perspective. Casey is a reliable Democratic vote on most issues. He casts occasional bad votes on reproductive health and privacy issues, and also on environment/coal issues. We should keep challenging him on that stuff. But it's perfectly possible to be disappointed in Casey's position on a number of issues while also believing that he's better than the alternatives.

    • Michele says:

      You'd best re-check his voting record: he votes progressive 99% of the time. The Blunt Amendment was an exception to his usual vote.

  2. The much touted First Amendment also guarantees freedom from the excesses of religion. What about that? It is hardly mentioned. I want to be free from right-wingers shoving their fake piety down my throat. This is America, not Iran!

  3. Mindy says:

    We need a democrat that has the interest of all the people not one looking out for the employers who will look for any excuse not to provide any type of health care. This is a slipper slop amendment that will lead to more exceptions other then birth control. I say we must vote for someone else. We need a true DEMOCRAT.

  4. Johnathon says:

    Bob Casey is nothing more than an Obama/Reid puppet.His vote with the Republicans on the Blunt ammendment was fake.If Reid did not have the votes to destroy this ammendment,Casey would have been right there with the rest of Reid's trained dogs.This was nothing more than a political ploy so Casey can boast about it.When it came to defunding Planned Parenthood,the abortion factory of the world,Bob Casey was right there with his vote to continue the murder of the unborn.Yep,Bob Casey has been hiding for five years,doing his damage and then running back to hiding.He ran in 2006 as a pro-life conservative but has proven to be a baby killing progressive.Now that it is time for reelecton,he comes out and pretends he has been fighting for the state of Pennsylvania but he has clung to Obama and Reid like a baby marsupial clinging to it's mother.On Christmas Eve,2009,in the middle of the night while everyone was occupied with the holiday,Bob Casey and the democrats were voting to shove obamacare down the throats of the american people.This man is an inept,incompetent follower that has brought nothing but embarrassment to this state.

  5. Bob Casey is a great champion of working families. He is also a devout Catholic so I am not surprised by his vote. The real issue in 2012 is how to do we save American jobs and have a future for the middle class again.

  6. JoyfulA says:

    I was disappointed but not surprised.

    What both disappointed and surprised me is his hawkish stance on Iran. I wrote to him to state my dovish opinion on the topic and received in return a position paper full of saber rattling just short of McCain's ditty. To me, that's "prolife" only in the womb, and to hell with the rest of the life on the planet.

  7. SherrieGG says:

    Just for the record, NOBODY voted either up or down on the Blunt/Rubio Amendment. They voted to TABLE it, which killed it then and there. Had it come to the floor for a vote, it would have lost by a lot more than three votes.

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