Tim Murphy: Who Cares About Science, I Just Want Religious View!

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Perhaps more frank than he was meaning to be, Congressman Tim Murphy admitted he didn’t care about the science behind birth control, he just wants to know what religious advocates want:

SEBELIUS: It is a contraceptive drug, not an abortifacient… It does not interfere with a pregnancy. If the morning pill were taken, and a female were pregnant, the pregnancy is not interrupted. That’s the definition of abortifation.

MURPHY: Ma’m that is your interpretation, and I appreciate that’s your interpretation.

SEBELIUS: That’s what the scientists and doctors…

MURPHY: We’re not talking about scientists. Ma’m we’re not talking about scientists here, we’re talking about religious belief. Ma’m, I’m asking you about a religious belief. In a religious belief, that is a violation of a religious belief.

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4 Responses to Tim Murphy: Who Cares About Science, I Just Want Religious View!

  1. Marq says:

    What an ignorant piece of crap he is!!!

  2. Judy says:

    He is standing up for the American people. How is that ignorant?

  3. Matt says:

    Secretary Sebelius did not blind Representative Murphy, he was pointing out another aspect of the policy that the Secretary has failed to think about before forcing groups to comply with a law against their conscience.

  4. Stella Mack says:

    Just like when religious views justified the the Earth was the center of the universe and those espousing otherwise were heretics…