Women Abandoning Tom Corbett, But Maybe They Should Just Close Their Eyes

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John Micek says Tom Corbett’s approval rating took a big hit in the latest Q poll, especially with women.

Voters also strongly disapprove of the forced ultrasound bill, by almost 3-1. Maybe they should close their eyes and pretend the state’s not getting governed badly!:

Public dissatisfaction over the Republican’s plan to cut funding for Penn State and other public universities by as much as 30 percent netted Corbett a 41 percent approval rating in the telephone poll of 1,256 registered voters. An equal number said they disapproved. That’s down from the 47-34 percent approval rating the first-term governor enjoyed in a December 2011 poll.

Corbett’s approvals haven’t been this bad since June 2011, in the heat of the debate over the administration’s first budget proposal, where just 39 perecnt of voters said they approved of the former attorney general’s job performance […]

Female voters gave Corbett a split 38-39 percent approval rating, down from the 44-36 percent favorability he enjoyed in the December Q-Poll. Unusually for a Republican, men also deserted him, giving him a 45-42 percent approval rating, down from the stronger 51-32 percent approval rating in December.

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4 Responses to Women Abandoning Tom Corbett, But Maybe They Should Just Close Their Eyes

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  2. Amy Cohen says:

    A message for Governor Tom Corbett- Your lackeys can delete all the Facebook posts they want from women with “questions” about their reproductive health and block them from making further posts, but you will not silence them, or anyone else who is appalled and incensed by the role you are playing in your party’s attack on women. These posts may be facetious, but make no mistake, nobody finds this at all funny. Perhaps if you had anything at all on your Facebook page alluding to your health policies, a serious discourse could take place, however, you have chosen the route of the political coward, unwilling to risk angering the radical fringe which helped get you elected and which is now calling in their markers. Why don’t you open up a dialogue about this, other than “they can just close their eyes”, which is possibly more idiotic and insulting than the bill itself- not an easy feat. Do you really think that scrubbing up your Facebook page will make us go away?

    • Jon says:

      Amy, I must have missed this, what’s going on with Corbett’s Facebook page?

      • Amy Cohen says:

        Nothing happening now…last night I checked out Rick Perry’s FB page when I read about it being bombarded with comments asking him, very graphically, for advice on women’s health issues. I left a comment about how PA’s governor was also an expert, so why not ask him too. There were actually a few on there already, then a bunch more came after my Perry post. I went to show it to my husband this morning and every last one was gone, and I’m blocked from commenting (as I’m sure the others are too).