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“$250 Payday Loans With $2000 in Fees/Interest”

Clearly a horrible deal! And yet, predatory lenders have distressingly little trouble finding rubes to take the deal. Mark Price brings us the latest on Rep. Chris Ross’ nefarious bill to legalize +300% APR payday loans: The legislature is back!  This Thursday … More after the jump

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Why the Blue Dogs’ Defeat Matters

Most Democratic members of Congress are afraid that they will lose elections if they are too liberal, and are not afraid of losing elections if they aren’t liberal enough. It’s a constant frustration for those of us who want to … More after the jump

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Philly and Pittsburgh Among Top Music Trend Setters

Richard Florida links to a study of user data, and finds that Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are both in the top 20 most influential music scenes in the US and Canada:

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What Kathleen Kane Would Do About Fracking

Scott Detrow sends us to an interview Kathleen Kane did with WFMZ in Allentown. Building out the AG office’s environmental crimes unit sounds like a very good idea. It is the mission of the Environmental Crimes Section to investigate and prosecute … More after the jump

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Some Residents Are Fleeing Shale Country

Susan Phillips at StateImpact PA brings us a good long piece about Butler County residents who are moving out of Gasland in response to fears of bad water and air pollution, rising rents, truck traffic and generally deteriorating conditions: Gas … More after the jump

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Couldn’t It Be That Chronic Underfunding is Taking a Toll on Philly Schools?

Dan U-A at the Young Philly Politics blog has some excellent commentary on the turmoil in the Philadelphia School District. I’ll add that the state school funding formulas are needlessly regressive, and deny racial minorities equal funding: I go through that, … More after the jump

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Zero Democrats Should Vote for the House GOP Student Loans Bill

It’s a trap! It’s unclear whether enough House conservatives will vote against the bill to prevent it from passing, however; House GOP aides seemed confident last night that it would pass. House Dem leaders are whipping their members to vote … More after the jump

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Foreclosures Increase in Philly and Pittsburgh

Brady Dennis: Foreclosures increased in major cities. “The number  of foreclosures rose during the first three months of the year in more  than half of the nation’s metropolitan areas, even as such activity  dipped from the previous year in many … More after the jump

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Republicans Tack Hundreds of Millions in Corporate Tax Cuts Onto Bill Closing the Delaware Loophole

Reblogged from Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center: Closing corporate tax loopholes is a responsible way to prevent cuts to schools, health care and other investments that create jobs and build a stronger Pennsylvania economy. House Bill 2150, a corporate tax … More after the jump

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Obama Still Winning the Blame Game on the Economy

Via Via, John Sides, a recent YouGov poll shows most Americans still blame George W. Bush for the bad economy.

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