How Much More Political Cover Does Tom Corbett Need on Transportation?

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Tom Corbett looks like a damn coward on the transportation funding bill.

Everybody knows what needs to happen here. PA needs to uncap the gas tax, raise some user fees, and toll more roads to pay for the state’s crumbling infrastructure.

Corbett didn’t want to come out and say this, so he punted it to a special commission to “study” the issue.

But then the commission released their recommendations and Corbett wouldn’t even comment on them!

Republicans in the legislature stand ready to pass the recommendations, or something like them, and are now saying publicly that everybody’s waiting on Corbett to lead.

Yesterday, a group of right-leaning business organizations held an event calling on Corbett to make up his mind.

The ultimate indignity happened a few months ago when the Democrats, who have no power at all, had to propose a bill containing Corbett’s commission’s recommendations.

This is crazy! Corbett has all the political cover in the world, save for Grover Norquist’s permission, and he still won’t endorse his own commission’s recommendations. What more could he possibly need to make a decision?


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One Response to How Much More Political Cover Does Tom Corbett Need on Transportation?

  1. F Weiss says:

    Tom Corbett refuses to provide funding to repair our state’s crumbling roads & bridges. He doesn’t care that many Allegheny County residents have already lost their bus service due to lack of state funding & come Sept 1st thousands more people without any other means of transportation will also have no bus service. He wants to privatize everything from public schools & universities to the state stores, the lottery, the turnpike & state parks. He blames everyone else from Ed Rendell to local school boards for draconian budget cuts he’s made, and now he wants to increase our State Income Tax & Sales Tax (10 percent I hear) but does he make his Marcellus Shale Buddies pay their fair share NO WAY! This stinks!!