Why I’ll Be Knocking Doors for Patrick Slattery Tomorrow and Not Blogging

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Persuasion blogging is so last week! Today and tomorrow are all about pestering Democratic voters at their front doors and on their phones, so that on Wednesday, John Micek and Keegan Gibson and the rest of our Political-Media Complex Overlords will write election analysis pieces about how doomed Harrisburg Republicans are going to be in November because Democrats won all the special elections.

John Micek:

Of the six seats up for grabs Tuesday, four were most recently held by Democrats and two were held by Republicans. Three of the Democratic seats are in the traditional Democratic strongholds of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, and a fourth is in an increasingly Democratic part of Montgomery County. Partisan operatives on both sides concede that Republicans are unlikely to win them.

But the two Republican seats — the 134th District seat in suburban Allentown, most recently held by now-Lehigh County Judge Douglas Reichley, and the Philadelphia-based 169th District seat, most recently held by now City Councilman Dennis O’Brien — could go either way.

Democratic wins in those districts, coupled with Democrats holding their incumbents in several hotly contested primaries, could signal the Republican wave that gave the GOP an 11-seat advantage in the Pennsylvania House in 2010 has crested. It might also indicate Democratic momentum heading into the fall campaign.

What John Micek is telling you is that if Democrats win those two special elections, he’s going to write a story saying that Democrats have the momentum. We want him to write that story. So the best thing you can do, is to take the time you would normally spend reading political blogs, and instead spend it on

1) Reminding your liberal friends, colleagues and family members to vote
2) Posting reminders to vote on Facebook and Twitter
3) Going to a campaign field office and making phone calls
4) *Most effective* – canvassing for a candidate, reminding their voters to vote, in person at the door

Let’s do it!

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