Why Voter ID Will Disproportionately Hurt Women

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Randy LoBasso on some disturbing consequences of the new Voter ID law:

Anderson believes the complaints and protests against Voter ID, by both citizens and politicians, has done a good job of getting the problem get out in the open. But the reality is, for the time being, Voter ID is here to stay. Her organization’s web-based app, which we detailed on Friday, will help citizens get around the law if they choose to.

“If a woman wants to change her name to vote, she has to produce her marriage license,” says Anderson, noting many newlyweds often forget to change their name on their driver’s license. “It’s possible that we can have a situation in which a voter in Pennsylvania without ID, a married woman who is now divorced, will have to stand in four separate lines to gather the documents that she would need to show voter ID.”

Cost of Freedom won’t end the agony of waiting in line at the DMV or otherwise. But it at least will tell you which lines you’re going to have to stand in, and that there’s a problem in the first place.

“Women are disproportionately impacted because 90 percent of women change their names following divorce or marriage,” she says. In addition: “Only 66 percent of women have an issued photo ID with their current name.”

The American Prospect notes these numbers, too, adding women who fall into this category and do not fix their ID by November will have to “fill out substitute ballots and later return with valid documentation like a certified court document showing a divorce decree or marriage license.”

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  1. Thanks for posting. The Cost of Freedom Project is developing a location-based web app that will provide county-level information on how to get a voter ID. The app will provide the location of the nearest Office of Vital Records, PennDOT, Social Security office, including hours, phone number and directions using public transportation.

    Freedom isn’t free. Please make a donation to help fund development of the Cost of Freedom Voter ID App [http://bit.ly/VoterIDApp] . Thank you.