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Property Tax Confusion From Terry Madonna

I agree with the position Terry Madonna is endorsing in this op-ed on HB 1776 – the bill that would move education finance to the state level – but I think this section is mistaken: What about the simple property tax is … More after the jump

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Martin O’Malley for President in 2016

Since states have balanced budget requirements, the recession has forced a lot of Democratic Governors to act like Republicans, slashing education and public services in the face of big revenue shortfalls. But not Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley! Here’s what real … More after the jump

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Bad News on the Philly Zoning Front

Minimum parking requirements for housing and businesses are a city-killer for all kinds of reasons, not least because they make housing more expensive. It’s basically a tax on people who don’t drive that subsidizes parking for people who do. So it’s very … More after the jump

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How Tom Corbett’s Dithering on Transportation Could Hurt the Pittsburgh Recovery

The Pittsburgh economy has been a real bright spot in Pennsylvania during the otherwise-disappointing recovery. The city is adding jobs, the labor force is growing, and this is all leading developers to want to build more buildings downtown. But as Chris Briem points … More after the jump

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Are There Any Good Reasons Not to Move Education Finance to the State Level?

Tom Borthwick tries to think of good arguments against moving school finance to the state level, and finds them wanting: I’ve tried to think of arguments against this.  This is me trying very, very hard: Sales taxes target, disporportionately, people … More after the jump

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PA Doesn’t Have an “Act 47” Problem, It Has a Municipal Finance Problem

Here’s an important point from Eric Boehm’s article on a potential state takeover of 4 distressed school districts: Act 47 has not been particularly successful — only three of the 27 municipalities in the program have left it — and lawmakers are … More after the jump

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Daylin Leach is Hilarious

John Micek sends us to the Patriot News for the money quote: The top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee is upset over Gov. Tom Corbett’s decision to nominate a former top aide to a spot on the Allegheny County bench, the … More after the jump

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People Who Make $250K Are Rich

There’s no good reason to cede any ground to conservatives on the Bush tax cuts. People who make $250K are rich, and they should pay higher taxes. Moving the cutoff from $250K to $1m is way too expensive: Really, all the Bush tax cuts … More after the jump

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Pittsburgh Labor Force Participation Keeps Growing

Best headline of the day goes to Chris Briem: Workers materializing somehow:

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What Is Average Charter School Performance Supposed To Tell Us?

I’m mostly on board with what Daniel Denvir is saying in his response to Chris Satullo’s comments on the Philadelphia school reform plan, and certainly agree that chronic underfunding is the biggest problem facing city schools. However, I’m not sure … More after the jump

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