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Jessie Ramey at Yinzercation on the media frenzy around the Pittsburgh Opera story, and what you can do to keep it going:

It ain’t over. Yes, it’s day four of the Pittsburgh Opera tragedy, now turned national political drama, and the fat lady doesn’t sing until the state budget gets decided. Our grassroots movement has been working hard for this cameo appearance on the national stage: this is our golden moment to help people see the real connection between state budget cuts and the devastation of our public schools.

Now that our original blog piece about the Opera’s outrageous decision to honor Gov. Corbett for his “contributions” to arts education has gone viral, here’s a quick glimpse through the curtains at our audience:

  • Arts Education an Operatic Tragedy” has received over 12,700 hits.
  • Several hundred people posted comments to the Opera’s Facebook page
  • Yesterday’s front-page article in the Post-Gazette was syndicated by the AP wire service and picked up by over 950 news outlets and blogs around the country, including the San Francisco Chronicle and many others (see list at the bottom of this message).
  • The Huffington Post ran its own story yesterday and today has re-posted our original piece.
  • The Philadelphia Inquirer has an article in today’s paper.
  • The Pennsylvania Democratic committee featured our story on
  • We were on the Ed Show on MSNBC last night, and they will be featuring Pennsylvania education again tonight.
  • Essential Public Radio interviewed activist Kathy Newman.
  • KDKA TV and WPXI locally have run spots on us.
  • A petition has gathered over 1,100 signatures asking the Opera to rescind its award.

Whether the Opera presents this foolish award on Saturday is not my particular concern. We’ve stolen the limelight and now is the time to belt our message to the legislators in the back row of the audience. We need them to hear us loud and clear: we must have adequate, equitable, and sustainable state funding for public education.

Here’s what we need you to do: please go to these three key articles and leave comments. Simply copy and paste any previous comments you have made elsewhere, and ask your friends to do the same.

  2. Huffington Post
  3. Philadelphia Inquirer
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