Which Democrat Will Lehigh GOPers Pick to Serve Out the Rest of Don Cunningham’s Term?

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Don Cunningham leaving his term as County Executive early to run LVEDC would be a really crap deal for Lehigh County Democrats, but it looks to be happening, so what now?

The GOP supermajority on Lehigh Commission has to choose a Democrat to replace him. Rich mentions Frank Kane, Ed Hozza, Rick Daugherty and Jackson Eaton as potential choices.

I want to suggest Geoff Brace too. Who else do people like?

This is a tough game for Democrats because the sort of candidate the Republicans will want is going to be someone who won’t be competitive in 2013. They have a direct incentive to pick someone who will govern badly and hurt the Democratic brand, but I’m not sure even Scott Ott and crew are that irresponsible.

More likely they’ll want to pick somebody with some (relative) distance from union politics, even if it’s just a difference of style or emphasis. If I’m right about that, I’d guess that would militate in Jackson or Geoff’s favor.

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