Hail Marty Moss-Coane!

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Chris Brennan’s report out of the Prince Music Theater finds Marty Moss-Coane being exactly the kind of journalist I love.

The problem with a lot of political journalism is that many journalists don’t like to press politicians for more detailed answers after they signal that they’re set on sticking to their talking points.

Many political journalists also seem uncomfortable talking policy, preferring instead to press politicians with the opposition party’s talking points, rather than raising issues that are important but are not seriously under discussion. In this interview, Marty does both of those things, and that is why she is so awesome:

Corbett twice dodged when moderator Marty Moss-Coane, host of “Radio Times” on WHYY, asked about the estimated $500 million per year in business taxes the state loses each year to the “Delaware loophole” when corporations list that state as their headquarters while operating here. Corbett said he wanted to see what happens with pending legislation to close the loophole.

That was a key complaint with the more than 100 protesters who choked the event entrance at the Prince Music Theater, at one point laying a red carpet over the bodies of six activists in a mock welcome for Corbett.

“They want good jobs,” Corbett said of the protesters. “But they want to tax the corporations. If you ask the business people here, that’s incongruous.”

Corbett turned peevish twice with Moss-Coane, once when she asked if his budget approach was based in ideology and then when she suggested he had “targeted” state schools for cuts.

“Is it ideology to say we shouldn’t spend more money than we have?” Corbett asked, later adding: “To me, ‘targeted’ means I’m picking on them over everybody else. Do I want to do that? Absolutely not.”

Moss-Coane noted near the end of the hour-long conversation that Corbett could hear demonstrators beating drums and chanting slogans outside. What would he say to them, she asked.

“I understand that you’re upset because we’ve had to put the state on a diet, for want of a better description,” Corbett said. “I haven’t met anybody who likes to go on diets. It is not easy. It is not what we want to do.”

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