House Dems Running On 6-Point ‘Marcellus Compact’ Plan

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This is all great stuff. I was hoping Harrisburg Democrats would use this election to draw a sharp contrast with Republicans on fracking, and this is exactly what I had in mind:

The Marcellus Compact includes components to:

· restore municipal zoning authority by eliminating Act 13’s override of local zoning provisions;

· ensure tax fairness for Pennsylvanians by imposing a reasonable statewide tax on natural gas drillers for the life of the well;

· protect critical natural resources by increasing environmental setbacks and bonding requirements;

· increase transparency and safety by establishing a public online tracking system for fracking wastewater storage and disposal; prohibiting drilling in floodplains; and placing a moratorium on discharging drilling wastewater into surface waters;

· guarantee the rights of patients to full medical disclosure and transparency when their health might have been affected by fracking chemicals; and

· make jobs a priority by establishing a Marcellus Shale Job Creation Tax Credit to provide incentives for companies to hire Pennsylvania workers.

(h/t Above Average Jane)

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