Lisa Boscola Defends Millions in Horse Racing Pork

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Hoisted from the Twitters:

Charlie Tocci@vikes77 Sen. Boscola says she is alrmed that state budget would transfer $72 million away from Race Horse Dev Fund. Says cuts would hamper economy.

I am alarmed that anyone would want to spend more than $0 (let alone $200 million) on subsidizing horse racing at a time when education and core public services are being slashed. Imagine how much more of an impact that $200 million would make if applied to SEPTA or Pittsburgh transit.

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One Response to Lisa Boscola Defends Millions in Horse Racing Pork

  1. I would encourage you to watch this video to gain a better understanding of the broad economic impact of the horse racing and breeding industry in Pennsylvania. It also has a tremendous impact in helping to preserve open space and farmland conservation in Pennsylvania. I would also note that the Race Horse Development Fund is funded not by taxpayer funds, but by an assessment placed on the slot machine revenues at Pennsylvania casinos. In addition, transferring this money to other programs would likely constitute a tax increase on casinos, which could trigger the state to lawsuits from casino operators to recover their $50 million in fees to obtain a casino license (part of the license enables the casinos to sue the state to recover these funds if their taxes are increased.)