Petition: Cut $2.9 Billion in Fossil Fuel Subsidies, Spend It on Education

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Friend of the blog Gwen sends over an excellent petition, just in time for the budget debate.

Here’s the idea:

Right now, PA spends $2.9 billion a year subsidizing the production and use of fossil fuels. PennFuture tallied them all up in a report released earlier this year. StateImpact PA provides a summary of the report here.

If we could end all these subsidies in this year’s budget, we could restore all Tom Corbett’s education cuts from last year and then some.

It is only because we are spending so much on fossil fuel subsidies and other weak claims that we “can’t afford” to spend on education.

Tom Corbett wanted us to find the money to offset his cuts, and now we’re calling his bluff. If we get enough signatures, we can put this pork on the table for cuts in this year’s budget.

Sign the petition here!

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