State’s Largest Economic Engine Unpopular With Pennsylvanians

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Via Patrick McAteer, PPP asked Pennsylvanians to give a favorable or unfavorable rating to the state’s cities. The results explain a lot about state level politics:

Pittsburgh: 57 to 17
Bethlehem: 42 to 10
Erie: 41 to 11
Scranton: 37 to 15
Allentown: 34 to 22
Reading: 31 to 26
Harrisburg: 38 to 34
Philadelphia: 37 to 42

This is a good opportunity to remind everyone that Philadelphia contributes over 35% of Pennsylvania’s GDP. Many mid-state legislators would do well to remember that anti-urban transportation, land use and economic development policies at the state level end up hurting the state’s biggest economic engine, which in turn hurts the transfer payments that make their way of life possible.

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