Why Is Transportation Funding Not Part of the #PABudget Debate?

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I really don’t understand why there needs to be a special legislative session to pass transportation funding. There is not anything left to figure out on the policy side. The problem is entirely about political leadership.

To recap, Tom Corbett convened a special blue ribbon commission to give him political cover to raise the gas tax and some other fees. Democrats then proceeded to give him more political cover. Then organized business gave him even more political cover. Then Republicans in the legislature said they were basically just waiting on Corbett to endorse his own commission’s recommendations.

So we’ve got the policy recommendations, we’ve got the political support for the recommendations in the legislature. The only thing missing is Tom Corbett’s blessing to raise the gas tax.

Do we really need to be wasting time with a special legislative session just to get Tom Corbett’s go-ahead? How much foreplay does this guy need? Just do it already!

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