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Light Blogging Next Week

I’ll be at the beach all next week, avoiding the Internet as much as possible I hope, so no blogging for me. Fortunately for you, Tom, Ryan and Jake will be posting stuff here while I’m gone. Have a nice … More after the jump

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Why On Earth Did 11 House Democrats Vote for the Republican Budget?

Amateur hour.

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Why Philly Politics Needs a Strong Property Rights Party

This is a liberal blog, so I don’t really want to be plumping for the Philly Republican Party on here, but I think this is an area where a party favoring strong property rights would be very useful in city … More after the jump

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PA-15: Daugherty vs. Callahan on SCOTUS’ ACA Ruling

Thought it’d be interesting to quickly compare PA-15’s former congressional candidate’s statement on the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold virtually 100% of the Affordable Care Act and PA-15’s current congressional candidate’s “statement.” John Callahan (2010 PA-15 Congressional Candidate):   Rick … More after the jump

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Awesome Corrections Reform Bill Heading to Corbett

In keeping with the happy news theme today here on the blog, I want to point out how awesome it is that a major corrections reform bill Senate Bill 100 is on its way to Tom Corbett’s desk. This bill had … More after the jump

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Roberts Votes With the Left to Uphold the Affordable Care Act

FTW! Pat yourselves on the back all of you who volunteered for Obama and Democratic candidates in 2008. This would not have been possible without your hard work. Now it’s time to get our boy reelected. Max Weber: Politics is … More after the jump

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Nutter and Pawlowski: Romney Is A “Pioneer of Outsourcing”

I’m loving this Obama campaign strategy of using Mayors as surrogates. People tend to trust their Mayors and local politicians more than members of Congress and other higher level political representatives. I hope that Democratic Congressional campaigns will also make … More after the jump

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Maybe Pension Funding Gaps Are About to Double Under New Reporting Standard

So so doomed: The gap between what state pension plans have promised retired workers and the money they have set aside to pay them is about to start looking worse — twice as bad, for major PA and NJ pension … More after the jump

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$3 Billion in Fossil Fuel Subsidies vs. Kindergarten

Eliminating kindergarten is totally nuts. It flies in the face of everything we know about the importance of early childhood education, and it is especially insane in light of how much the state spends on completely undeserving claims like the … More after the jump

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Here Are the Philly State Senators Who May Sell Out on Payday Lending

Dan U-A: The bill is now in the Senate, and after talking with people in the know, here are the Philly State Senators that have, at minimum, wavered in stating their unequivocal opposition to bringing payday lenders and 300% plus … More after the jump

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