PA Lawmakers Should Take the Beer Drinker View When Reforming Beer Laws

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Great article on the political economy of PA’s dumb beer laws from Anthony Wood in the Inquirer this morning.

The issue is that the beer distributor business model is a creature of state regulatory law. In a relatively free market for beer, nobody would create a business that looks like that. The only reason beer distributors do it that way is because of the state regulations.

So if you ever want to reform the state’s nutty beer laws, you’re necessarily talking about beer distributors making less money.

Beer distributors obviously don’t want to make less money, so they oppose any changes that would liberalize who can sell beer.

Keeping the current regulations intact makes perfect sense from the beer distributors’ perspective, but what’s unclear is why any lawmakers would look at things that way, rather than from the vantage point of the beer-buying public.

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