PA-15: Daugherty vs. Callahan on SCOTUS’ ACA Ruling

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Thought it’d be interesting to quickly compare PA-15’s former congressional candidate’s statement on the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold virtually 100% of the Affordable Care Act and PA-15’s current congressional candidate’s “statement.”

John Callahan (2010 PA-15 Congressional Candidate):


Rick Daugherty (2012 PA-15 Congressional Candidate):

Fascinating! Thank you, Mr. Daugherty, for all the insight. By all means, don’t take the time to express your support for the law to give constituents a potential reason to vote for you. That would be sheer insanity.

Obviously, I’m not taking Facebook posts as official statements on anything, but it’s very clear that one of these politicians knows how to respond to clearly significant events — and the other one sure thinks it’s interesting.

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