Remember When Tom Corbett Appointed Brian Nutt’s Dad to Run the Turnpike Commission?

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That American Working Families Action Fund ad totally has Team Corbett worried, since they’re stooping to character attacks on Bud Jackson. This…is not going to work. Nobody cares about Bud Jackson, but they do care very much about their kids’ school funding getting slashed.

Further down in Melissa Daniels’ article on this, Jackson hits back at Tom Corbett’s history of appointing cronies to important positions:

Jackson also said the governor has a history of favoritism for his appointees, noting the appointment of Alan Walker as secretary of the Department of Community and Economic Development after a $100,000 campaign contribution, as well as the recent nomination of former Chief of Staff William Ward to the Allegheny Court of Common Pleas.

The Corbett administration defends these appointments, touting records and know-how instead of addressing donations. Harley said Walker was appointed to the secretary position because of his private-sector background.

My favorite crony play was that time Corbett appointed his campaign manager’s dad to run the Turnpike Commission. Clearly just a coincidence that Brian Nutt’s dad was the most qualified dude for the job, right?

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