Wisdom from Daylin Leach on Payday Loans

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From the Daylin Leach Facebook page:

The argument for the crazy Pay-Day lending bill allowing 369% annual interest charged to poor people is that “we have to compete with the internet, which is even worse”. If that’s true, why not set up a government payday lending program, that charges reasonable interest? The government would make money and low-income people wouldn’t be ripped off.

(h/t Rich Wilkins)

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One Response to Wisdom from Daylin Leach on Payday Loans

  1. phillydem says:

    Gotta love Daylin Leach, but with our current crop of neanderthal GOPers, they’ll probably take his suggestion to heart as another really good way to screw poor/financially struggling Pennsylvanians to finance tax breaks for the richest indivduals and corporations here.