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Carole Aichele: “I Don’t Know What the Law Says”

GOP don’t care: Pennsylvania Secretary of the Commonwealth Carole Aichele, testifying Tuesday during a state trial on the state’s controversial voter ID law, said she wasn’t sure about the details of the law, but stood by her unsupported claim that … More after the jump

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Harrisburg’s Fiscal Problem is That It Doesn’t Have a Dauphin County-Sized Tax Base

One of the reasons I think the Harrisburg bankruptcy debate has been so narrow and unimaginative is the lack of an unreasonable extremist on the pro-Harrisburg side, so here goes: Until Dauphin County straight up takes over the payment for, … More after the jump

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School Choice and Urban Redevelopment

One reason I’m more open to the idea of school choice than some of my liberal friends is that this kind of thing is a real problem, not only for families, but also for urban redevelopment: Gule liked the small … More after the jump

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No, Pat Toomey Is Not “Surprisingly Moderate”

I always like Patrick Kerkstra’s stuff, so I was pretty disappointed to see how thin his case was that Pat Toomey is “surprisingly moderate.” Maybe the headline writer at Philly Magazine was just trying to goose pageviews or something. I … More after the jump

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Why Natural Gas Cars?

Bob Casey wants the Department of Energy to award grants for natural gas vehicles, but why? Seems to me that electric and diesel vehicles are the future of the consumer auto market, and nobody really has natural gas cars right … More after the jump

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Aichele: PennDOT Said No to Mobile #VoterID Vans

@aclupa: Aichele says Dept. of State early on asked PennDOT to operate mobile #VoterID vans. “PennDOT said no.” Of course “PennDOT” is under the control of the Corbett administration, it’s not some independent government separate from the Corbett administration. This says … More after the jump

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Reducing Health Care Spending Will Free Up More Money For Big Government

Liberals sometimes wonder why we can’t have the really good wrap-around social insurance programs they have in other developed countries, like universal pre-K, universal child care, more generous work-life balance, etc. The reason is that we’re spending so much money … More after the jump

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PA Government Basically a Total Sausage Party

Even though more than half the people in Pennsylvania are women, only 17% of the state’s legislative seats are held by women. Add to this the fact of Tom Corbett’s bro-dominated cabinet, and it’s not so surprising that women are … More after the jump

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How Not to Report on #VoterID

Mark Kleiman slags Tom Edsall’s he-said-she-said reporting on voter ID: There’s a difference between the belief on the right that elections are being stolen by ineligible voters and the belief on the left that eligible voters are being denied the … More after the jump

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Supply Glut Pushing Natural Gas Drillers to Ohio

During the Marcellus Shale debate, one of the Republican talking points we heard was that if PA’s severance tax was too high, or if our environmental regulations were too strict, natural gas drillers would move across the border to Ohio. The theory was … More after the jump

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