All-Time Peak Employment in Pittsburgh

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Chris Briem has been posting about this for months, but for some reason it doesn’t seem to have factored into the political discussion that much:

Yes it is indeed all-time…  as in ever..  peak employment for Pittsburgh employment with the release of June data on total nonfarm jobs in the region.  We will likely see an (I guess I should say another) all-time peak labor force number for the region for the same period when that data is  released next week. (week and a half actually)

Yes.. a peak higher than anything before steel declined and now a peak above the somewhat artificial summer of 2001 which had a lot of construction going on.  Take out that itinerant construction employment and the trend has looked a lot more positive over much of the decade than many want to acknowledge.  Not really ‘new’ news in that we have been hitting comparative month peak employment since last fall., In many ways this was inevitable at some point over the summer… but there was that summer of 2001 all-time peak that kept the declarative a bit equivocable.

In a different world, with a very different Republican Party, maybe state politicians would be asking themselves things like “how can we connect more PA residents to the Pittsburgh economy?” or “what lessons can other deindustrialized municipalities learn from Pittsburgh?”

Instead, the Corbett economic agenda is centered around spending billions enticing extractive industries to low-population, low-productivity areas of the state, trying to force development in places people and businesses are not choosing to live. Why!

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