Bob Casey Wants to Ban Robotripping

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Mighty strange. Is this actually a problem significant enough to require legislation? I really can’t imagine this would stop anybody with a moderate level of determination from getting a hold of Robitussin. Probably just time to lower the drinking age.

Randy LoBasso:

Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey has introduced legislation that would outlaw the sale of cough syrup containing dextromethorphan to teenagers. He’s calling the legislation Repeal of the Brain-Killing DXM Robotripping Bill. (OK, he’s not calling it that. But as an homage to the multiple health care repeal bills in the House, he should.) DXM, found in some cough syrups, like Robitussin, can be used as an hallucinogen when you drink a ton of it, and studies show about 5 percent of teens have done just that. When introducing the bill, Casey quoted a parent identified as Bruce M., who said: “We have watched in horror, disbelief and emotional pain as [my son] overdosed multiple times, praying with each overdose that this would be the last time, sitting for hours in an emergency room cubicle and learning to struggle through the aftermath.” …That’s definitely too bad, but doesn’t this sound like one of those “parenting” things? I mean, if your kid has gone to the hospital multiple times from Robotripping, banning the sale of DXM-infused syrup to all teens isn’t necessarily going to save him. And he’s clearly got other problems that need working out.

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One Response to Bob Casey Wants to Ban Robotripping

  1. phillydem says:

    When are we going to learn that people will find ways to get high off even the most mundane substances? It’s long past time to make drugs safe, legal, regulated and taxed.