What Progressive Activists Should Learn From the Republican Base

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Hans Noel makes a very good point:

The modern progressive movement also has no qualms about criticizing Democrats for too much compromise. Obama has almost as many critics from the left as from the right, notably on Obamacare (too watered down) and foreign policy (unmanned drones). But liberals/progressives/the left do not take ownership of the Democratic Party. They seem to recognize that the Democratic Party is the party that they should like, but they put the onus on the party to come to them. Its the Democrats’ fault because they have no spine. The Tea Party never lamented that the Republicans didn’t have a backbone. The Tea Party decided it was the party’s backbone. The Tea Party didn’t wait for the Republicans to come to them. They put a rope around the party and pulled.

If you are disappointed with the direction the Democratic Party is going, and you want to push things in a more left wing direction, then you need to get more active, not less.

Disappointed that Obama hasn’t gotten more done? Work for a Congressional candidate or a Senate candidate who’s closer to your values. Support left wing primary challengers. In every primary and general election, knock doors, make calls and give money to the more left wing¬†candidate.

There’s no other way to do it. No quick fix. The right wing political base understands this. When they get disappointed, they get active. They don’t throw themselves a pity party and whine about how they’re going to sit out the election. That’s not how you win.

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2 Responses to What Progressive Activists Should Learn From the Republican Base

  1. Ed H. says:

    Awesome, realistic post! I get so tired of the weenies who say that Green Party candidates are in any way relevant to US politics. If we had a more proportionally representative legislature and coalition governments, they would. But like it or not, the US system is geared towards two parties, no matter what the Foundets thought they were creating. Third parties just end up being a way to water down progressive strength by diluting it. If you want pie in the sky, while the GOP wins elections, kill the economy, and allow polluters to walk scot free, vote Green or other third party. If you want to stop them, help progressive candidates win in primaries and general elections.