Daylin Leach Introduces #VoterID Repeal In Light of New Info

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Now that we know the voter ID law will disenfranchise about 10% of PA’s electorate, and not just 1% as Tom Corbett and the Republicans claimed during the debate over the law, it’s clear there’s no way it can be allowed to stand in the upcoming election. 10% of the electorate is far too many voters to disenfranchise in the process of “solving” a fake problem.

Daylin Leach has sponsored a bill to repeal the law in light of recent information. We should be seeing every single Democrat in Harrisburg co-sponsoring Daylin’s bill.

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2 Responses to Daylin Leach Introduces #VoterID Repeal In Light of New Info

  1. Rich Bergen says:

    But Turzai says they need it to ensure Romney’s victory in PA :).
    Saw a great article today from the last place I would expect on the need for a Voter Rights Act of 2012 and oddly enough Norman Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute (never thought I would have a reference in a positive way on my site for the AEI) hit the nail on the head.

    • Jon says:

      This is awesome, thanks. Ornstein is a pretty honest broker. It’s actually pretty respectable that AEI hasn’t cut him loose just because he doesn’t always toe the conservative line. He’s still on staff even though he co-wrote a book about how Republicans bear most of the blame for dysfunction in Congress.