Defending My Enemy

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By all means, please boycott Chic-fil-a and mock them mercilessly. But you can’t ban them from cities because of the owner’s rightwing political views. That’s a clear violation of the First Amendment.

Part of what being a liberal is all about is supporting freedom of speech even for your political enemies. Dan Cathy is doing plenty to hurt the anti-gay movement’s standing with moderate voters with this kind of nonsense. Liberals should keep the focus on beating the douchebags who agree with Cathy at the ballot box.

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3 Responses to Defending My Enemy

  1. Karel Minor says:

    Right on.

  2. Julieann Wozniak says:

    Okay, I confess. Jesus Chicken is one of my top two fast food chicken purveyors. The waffle fries can’t be beat, and KFC”s signature product was pretty awful, the last time I ate it.