Delay #VoterID Implementation

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Great post from Terry Madonna and Michael Young:

What should we do now?

Common sense screams the obvious solution.

We should simply suspend implementation of the new law until an election or two of trial runs shows us how it works and with what effects. Rolling it out in the middle of a presidential contest is sheer folly.

There are many ways to delay implementation. The simplest is for Governor Corbett to declare a moratorium on applying Voter ID until it has been thoroughly studied. The courts can also do it, and many believe they will.

However we do it, the 2012 presidential election is the wrong time to introduce Voter ID to Pennsylvania. In an age of seemingly insoluble problems and endless challenges, this is one we can still avoid.

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One Response to Delay #VoterID Implementation

  1. phillydem says:

    Too bad, but it’s not in Tom Thumb’s interest to delay the law given the whole idea was to supress Dem turnout in the first place. Asking Corbett to delay implementation is akin to asking the Pope not to be catholic.