Hail Amanda Holt!

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Melissa Daniels reports that Lehigh County piano teacher Amanda Holt is once again leading the charge to get the gerrymandered Republican maps thrown out:

Absolutely necessary, in the eyes of the LRC, meant 68 municipal splits in the House map as opposed to 108 in the rejected plan, and 37 political subdivisions in the Senate map, down from 58.

But those decreases were not enough for crusading cartographer Amanda Holt, who has filed another petition contesting the map’s constitutionality.

The Lehigh County resident made a previous appeal that formed the basis of the state Supreme Court’s rejection of previous plans earlier this year.

A piano teacher by trade, Holt’s efforts included drawing maps that showed multiple ways to reduce municipal splits.

She said drawing district lines is not a complicated process, if constitutional guidelines are the top priority.

“The commission seems to be unable or unwilling to put the constitution first in this process and to comply with what the constitution sets out as being the priorities in this process and has other factors that come in and seem to cloud their vision, making this a more cumbersome process than it needs to be,” Holt said.

The new maps, she said, still contain too many splits that don’t live up to the constitution’s definition. Some areas of concern include Allegheny, Cumberland, Delaware and Chester counties.

Holt also said Philadelphia County should have no ward splits. But all city wards except one are split into different districts, according to another petition for review filed earlier this month.

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