Judge Simpson Bucked PA GOP on ACORN in 2008

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A hopeful sign, from Peter Hall and Scott Kraus’s profile of Judge Robin Simpson, who will decide the Voter ID challenge in Commonwealth Court. Looks like the fake version of voter fraud that Republicans believe in doesn’t have much truck with Judge Simpson:

In 2008, with the presidential election less than a week away, he rejected a request from the Pennsylvania Republican Party to force the community group known as ACORN to turn over the names of 140,000 voters it had registered.

Simpson ruled that GOP leaders were unable to prove their allegations that ACORN was engaged in election fraud and that state and county election officials would be unable to catch fraudulent registrations.

Attorney Brian Monahan, who represented the Northampton County Republican Committee, said Simpson ruled against him in a case challenging the validity of signatures on an Upper Mount Bethel Township supervisor candidate’s nominating petition.

“He’s not a political animal in any sense,” Monahan said.

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