Missa Eaton for Congressional Keystone Challenge Contest

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Now that there are only 3 candidates left in the PA Dems’ contest, this seems like a pretty easy choice.

First, I don’t know who voted for Allyson Schwartz but that’s a safe seat. She doesn’t need any extra fundraising help. Don’t vote for her.

That leaves Mark Critz and Missa Eaton.

Critz is the incumbent so he’s already coming into the general election with a significant advantage. Incumbents just don’t lose that often. He’s doing pretty well on fundraising and a recent Dem poll put him ahead, if narrowly. That’s a race that’s worthy of your volunteer time and/or money, but I don’t think you should pick Critz for this contest. Marginal seat members are crucial for a majority coalition, but Critz isn’t going to help us push the party to the left in the next Congress. If we want to do that, we need to go on offense, and turn some of these red seats into blue seats.

I don’t know that Missa Eaton is the best candidate to pick for playing offense. I probably would have gone with Manan Trivedi or Kathy Boockvar. Mike Kelly in the 3rd District just seems safer to me than Gerlach or Fitzpatrick, despite being a freshman. That said, Missa Eaton is a solid candidate running on an unapologetically progressive message. We need to replace more Tea Party freshmen with real progressives in the next Congress if we want to win the big fights on the economy, marriage equality, the environment, and everything else we want.

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  1. phillydem says:

    PA3 got more Democratic when it picked up Lawrence County and it was already close to being a swing district. I couldn’t find a good new map so I can’t really tell, but presumably Erie, Sharon, Farrell and New Castle are now in the 3rd instead of the old 4th.