No Shame at the Tribune-Review Editorial Board

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Dayvoe at 2 Political Junkies reads the Trib editorial page so we don’t have to:

The editorial board of the Tribune-Review, yet again, is hoping that its loyal readers simply trust what they say and won’t bother checking the details from yet another editorial.

From Scaife’s braintrust this weekend:

“Race-baiting” is “the act of using racially derisive language, actions or other forms of communication in order to anger or intimidate or coerce a person or group of people.”

And then:

Speaking last week to delegates at the NAACP convention in Houston, Mr. Holder likened voter ID laws to “a poll tax” that takes America back to its Jim Crow days.

Never mind that free identification will be provided to any voter who doesn’t have and/or can’t afford it — and never mind that those still without IDs can cast provisional ballots — Holder says the Obama administration “will not allow political pretexts to disenfranchise American citizens of their most precious rights.”

Yet it is Holder who uses the political pretext of race-baiting to undermine the very franchise he’s sworn to protect.

Um…so where’s the race bating? Perhaps it’s somewhere else in his speech.

Did you know that the phrase “poll tax” doesn’t actually occur in Holder’s speech? Even though the Trib used quotation marks when describing what Holder said? Did you know that the phrase “Jim Crow” doesn’t occur in the speech at all? The braintrust is projecting those things onto Holder’s speech – all without telling you. And finally did you know that in the speech Holder was specifically referring to just one Voter ID law? The one in Texas, which not-coincidentally is where he was speaking?

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