PA ACLU on the New #VoterID Cards

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Via Dan Denvir’s excellent Oh No They Didn’t blog round-up on state government:

Republican Gov. Tom Corbett is clearly feeling the heat ahead of this week’s trial. On Friday, state officialsannounced that new cards only requiring a birth date, Social Security number and two proofs of residency will be made available by the last week of August. This does remove some ammunition from the voter suppression arsenal. But more than anything, the state’s panicky and makeshift behavior simply highlights the law’s absurdity.

“Clearly the state realizes it has a huge problem on its hands,” according to a statement from the Pennsylvania ACLU and other rights groups challenging the law. “Unfortunately, this isn’t the solution. People born in Pennsylvania without birth certificates will still have to make three trips to vote ― two to PennDOT and one to the polls.”

Let’s be honest – lots of people are still not going to make the effort to get even this card. The biggest issue with voter ID is that the effort/reward trade-off for voting is already terrible, and any time you add to the “effort” side, you’re going to depress turnout. People don’t believe their vote is going to be the deciding vote, and statistically speaking, they’re totally right about that. It’s hard enough to get people to make one trip to the polls, let alone three separate trips. The cost of getting your documentation is an obstacle, but motivation is also a big obstacle.

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