Reality Check: #VoterID Still Popular

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All the terrible stuff that’s come out about the voter ID law’s impact over the past few weeks might be lulling some Democrats into believing the law is unpopular. Not so!

The negative coverage has only succeeded in further polarizing opinions about the law along partisan lines, but it still gets majority support. We have more persuasion to do.

Kelly Cernetich:

Approval for Voter ID is also on the downslide. Although a majority of Pennsylvanians still support the law (58 percent to 37) that is down 8 points from a 66 percent to 32 approval rating in a Quinnipiac poll six weeks ago.

Republicans are almost unanimous in their support, while Independents favor it by a smaller-than-average margin of 55 percent in favor and 41 against. It meets with favor from 35 percent of Democrats.

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2 Responses to Reality Check: #VoterID Still Popular

  1. J.D. Stern says:

    This is why Democratic candidates should be careful about making voter ID a central talking point. Let the state party and the media outlets try to win this battle of the narrative, or at least make it closer, and THEN take it up as an issue. It is a political mistake in most districts to talk about voter ID, at this point at least.