Time for a PA Bottle Deposit Law

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The bottle deposit is an excellent pro-recycling policy that would also work well as a defacto soda/beer tax.

There’s a lot to love here for liberals. For one thing, it’s good environmental policy. You’re giving people a financial incentive to see to it that bottles make it to a recycling facility. The greater the deposit, the greater the incentive.

It’s also going to raise revenue on net, since nobody’s going to collect all the bottles. The state’s not going to end up paying out as much as it collects in deposits. The extra revenue could go to farmland preservation or state parks or something.

It’s also a progressive transfer, since the median income of the bottled beverage-buying public is going to be higher than the people who will end up collecting a bunch of bottles to get the money.

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One Response to Time for a PA Bottle Deposit Law

  1. Julieann Wozniak says:

    We used to have a law like this, back when pop still came in glass bottles. We need a new version to keep plastic from being tossed over embankments and into streams.